Up-rollers & Skylight Shades

J Geiger offers motorized tension shades that can be tailored to suit a variety of interior and exterior applications.


Up-rolling shades (commonly referred to as bottom-up shades) are well-suited for sloped ceilings, transom windows, and rooms where privacy is desired at floor-level. J Geiger is equipped to design and install exposed up-rollers with virtually invisible guide wires. We also offer up-rolling tension shade systems that feature zip tracks and concealed guide wires.

Tension Shades for Skylights & Angled Windows

Tension shades are suitable for skylights, roofs, and angled windows. Exterior installation can withstand winds up to 75 mph. Systems feature concealed hardware and a clean profile. Frame and hem can be custom powder coated to match trim, wall, or ceiling color.

Mounting options:

  • Flush Inside Mount - Frame is recessed. Shade surface is flush with ceiling or interior wall.

  • Standard Inside Mount - Frame is recessed. Shade surface aligns with glazing.

  • Surface Mount - Frame mounted to interior/exterior surface.

  • Meet in the Middle - Two flush, standard or surface mount tension shades can be installed together. Meeting in the middle doubles shade projection (up to 320”).


  • Up to 160” wide x 120” projection with compact head box (3.94 x 4.14”)

  • Up to 72” wide x 160” projection with larger head box (6.10” x 5.91”)

Skylight Shades and Custom Up-rollers Available in select markets. Contact us to learn more.