R Series Shading System

J Geiger’s flagship R Series Shading System was designed to be seen. Unsightly wires and screws are concealed within the system, eliminating the need for valances, fascia, and ceiling pockets.

R Series Hardware

Brackets can be combined in numerous ways to accommodate unique architectural elements. The diameter of the shade roll is an identical match to each bracket profile, ensuring a seamless transition from shade to bracket. When shades are mounted in series, the matching profiles form a clean, continuous line.

  • Jamb Brackets (R1 and R2) can be mounted inside the window casing for a low-profile look. Each bracket is just under 2.5”in diameter.

  • Floating Brackets (R3 and R4) can be mounted outside of the window casing (to wall or ceiling).

  • Coupler Brackets (R5) can be mounted between shade rolls to create a shade wall.

  • 90° Brackets can be mounted into corners.

R Series brackets are milled from solid aluminum in the United States. Color options include: 

  • Aluminum (anodized clear)

  • Black (anodized black)

  • Custom Color (powder-coated)

Power Options

  • Wired Motors

    • Wired motors are smart home compatible and can be seamlessly integrated with Savant, Crestron, Lutron and Control 4 systems.

    • For homes and businesses without control systems, wired motors can be linked to a keypad, remote, or app for smartphone or tablet control.

  • Battery Motors

    • Battery powered motors are rechargeable and can last over a year on a single charge.

    • Battery life depends on shade size and frequency of use.

    • Batteries remain in the shade tube while charging, eliminating the need to change batteries.

Fabric Options

J Geiger shades are custom manufactured in Charleston, SC. Shade dimensions are tailored to unique project specifications, and fabric can be special ordered to suit your personal style and privacy preferences. 

  • Sheer - Sheer fabrics let light in and permit some visibility through the fabric.

  • Translucent - Translucent fabrics let light in, but they obscure visibility and provide privacy.

  • Blackout - Blackout fabrics block all light and offer total privacy. Light is, however, permitted around the shade edge if the bracket is inside the jamb

Each fabric type is available in a variety of colors. Our most popular color options are pictured here. Please contact us to request additional samples.


Can't find a shade fabric that suits your style? There are 400+ options to choose from. Schedule a design consultation to learn more.