Minimalist Shades. Maximum Style.

Minimalist Motorized Window Shades Meet Modern Maximalist Interior Design

The R Series Shading System by J Geiger is a minimalist's best friend, but this Massachusetts home is proof that R Series shades play well with virtually any design aesthetic. Located on the North Atlantic, the home has plenty of windows and, when the shades are open, breathtaking views. When the shades are closed, a bold interior (styled by the talented Andra Birkerts) steals the show…

Our client insisted on a discreet shading system that would be highly functional and nearly invisible. The interior design aesthetic demanded a simple treatment that would not overpower unique furnishings, lighting, and art. UV protection was also a need, and the exterior required unifying treatments, as many windows were visible from the street.
— Andra Birkerts, Interior Designer

R Series window shades fulfilled the need for automation and provided design continuity throughout the home.

The J Geiger team was superb. Zac and his crew collaborated with us to review plans prior to install, and they were very attentive to our needs.
— Andra Birkerts, Interior Designer

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