Makeover in Manhattan

Photography by    Todd Norwood

Photography by Todd Norwood

Tasked with combining two Tribeca apartments into one,  A + C Architecture teamed up with design duo Adele Abide and Sarah Norwood of VLY Studio to accomplish a light and bright interior remodel. 


Our clients wanted a home that was airy, modern, and fresh. They also have a great fashion sense which we translated into a space filled with beautifully crafted details and unique finds.
— Sarah of VLY Studio


J Geiger's R Series Shading System was highly recommended to VLY because of its modern, industrial aesthetic. Bright white window shades paired with solid aluminum hardware blend seamlessly with VLY's design and become virtually invisible when the shades are open. 

Josh Pulver and Yigit Kale of A + C Architecture turned us on to J Geiger. The window treatment was a major detail in this apartment — basically we had a glass box. Your shading system was perfection — it complemented everything
— Adele of VLY Studio

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