Longevity Fitness


Longevity Fitness Charleston is not your average Pilates studio. Its sleek, modern interior is more loft than gym, featuring large bay windows and a 360° view of the Holy City skyline. A flood of natural light energizes patrons without distraction, thanks to the R Series Shading System by J Geiger. Jamb mount brackets were used in conjunction with coupler brackets to mount the system as close to the window as possible. This kept the room open and the view unencumbered. Shade walls were joined in the corners of the room with 90° brackets for a perfect fit. Additionally, each shade wall was set up for independent control so that instructors can maximize daylight while minimizing glare. 

We selected J Geiger shades because they’re a perfect complement to the modern, clean aesthetic of our Pilates studio. Our instructors and clients alike love how seamlessly the automated shades go up, unveiling a panoramic view of downtown. And when it’s bright outside, the lowered shades allow the perfect amount of light, illuminating the studio with a subtle glow.
— Jennie Brooks, Owner | Longevity Fitness Charleston

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