Afloat in Naples

"Floating" Home in Naples Florida | Photos from

"Floating" Home in Naples Florida | Photos from

10,300 square feet, 30-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, a 50-foot lap pool, a 3,500-square-foot deck.... And it gets even better. This Naples home "floats" over it's own private lake. 

Supported by more than 280 pilings, the house is engineered to cantilever over the lake's edge. This feat of modern architecture is the brainchild of Architecture Artistica's Gerald Yurk. Old Naples Builder brought Yurk's creative vision to life, and Lime Decor elevated the design with contemporary interior finishes, vibrant art, sleek furnishings, and, of course, Simply Modern window shades by J Geiger.

The R Series system was an ideal fit for 180 square feet of lake-facing, floor-to-ceiling windows. It accentuates the linear architecture of the home by breaking on mullions (the vertical elements that separate window panes). The fascia-free system was outfitted with bright white, translucent shades that offer privacy without blocking natural light. 

This home was designed without recesses or pockets to hide blinds or shades, so we needed a streamlined mechanism that would blend in with the architecture. The R Series Shading System fit perfectly into the window jambs and with the home’s modern aesthetic. Everything in the house appears to float... A single level from the deck through the living space helps create that illusion, and the seamless look of the shading system complements those clean, continuous lines.
— Tara Bates, Interior Designer | Lime Decor

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