Nothing to Hide


Our patented flagship R Series Shading System was created to be exposed. We believe using a fascia is trading an unacceptable problem for a barely acceptable solution. We designed the R Series to be installed inside window casings or as part of a curtain wall system, with no exposed screws or wiring, blending seamlessly into your room’s design.  
This system offers a minimal, modern, and industrial aesthetic. Each piece of hardware is milled from solid aluminum in the United States. Every bracket is anodized clear or black, and, if requested, powder-coated to match existing mullions or trim. For the R Series, we offer premium fabrics in a wide variety of colors, materials, and openess factors, in sizes up to 150 square feet per motor. The hem is custom stitched, rather than melted, into the fabric. 
Each motor and idler bracket is just under 2.5”in diameter and the brackets can be custom powder coated or anodized to match a room. When a shade is mounted, it is exactly centered with both sides having a matching profile. The R5 couplers are used to connect continuous windows. They are essential to the fluidity of a curtain wall system
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  R1, R2 & R5 Brackets

R1, R2 & R5 Brackets