P Series Shading System

J Geiger is renowned for exposed shading systems in which the shade roll is completely visible, but pocket shading systems are available to clients who prefer an enclosed look.

P Series Features

  • Patented floating pocket cover minimizes visual discrepancies between the shade pocket and ceiling by embracing gaps as a design element.

  • Floating pocket cover enables additional functionality. Two openings leave room for multiple shade rolls (one sheer and one blackout) if privacy options are desired.

Fabric Options

J Geiger shades are custom manufactured in Charleston, SC. Shade dimensions are tailored to unique project specifications, and fabric can be special ordered to suit your personal style and privacy preferences. 

  • Sheer - Sheer fabrics let light in and permit some visibility through the fabric.

  • Translucent - Translucent fabrics let light in, but they obscure visibility and provide privacy.

  • Blackout - Blackout fabrics block all light and offer total privacy. Light is, however, permitted around the shade edge if the bracket is inside the jamb

Each fabric type is available in a variety of colors. Our most popular color options are pictured here. Please contact us to request additional samples. 


Can't find a shade fabric that suits your style? There are 400+ options to choose from. Schedule a design consultation to learn more.