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J Geiger shades allow for a sleek alignment of materials which in turn allows them to be as much a part of the architecture as a pendant or a water fixture.
— Joel W., Architect | CHARLESTON, SC
There are lots of things one can do wrong in designing a shade. J Geiger does everything right—simple, elegant, and precise. They complement any thoughtfully designed space.
— Jake W., Architect WESTPORT, CT
We chose J Geiger for our project because they were a perfect solution to a problem we encounter frequently: not being able to create ceiling pockets... The unique hardware allows the shade to be exposed, thus eliminating the need for a pocket
— Andra, Interior Designer | Andra Birkerts Design
Your shading system was perfection — it complemented everything.
— Adele, Interior Designer | VLY Studio
I think this invention is brilliant... I nearly jumped out of my chair when I saw it in a magazine.
— Bryan W., Designer | LOS ANGELES, CA
Truly a work of art.
— Brian K., Architect | Boston, MA