J Geiger Shading Files Lawsuit Against Lutron Electronics


CHARLESTON, SC, June 19, 2018—J Geiger Shading (Geigtech East Bay LLC), the leader in innovative window shading solutions and design, announced today that it has filed a lawsuit against Coopersburg, PA-based Lutron Electronics related to patented assembly of mounting shades (US Patent 9,237,821). The lawsuit alleges patent infringement and trade dress infringement and seeks damages for the violation of intellectual property.

The patent in question, which refers to J Geiger Shading's system of fastening devices for installing roller window shades, was granted to Geigtech East Bay LLC in 2016. The lawsuit alleges that Lutron's Palladiom Shading System violates that patent and furthermore copies J Geiger's "simply modern" look. The "J Geiger look" has been widely praised by architects and interior designers seeking minimalist shading solutions.

James Geiger, the founder and president of J Geiger Shading, began designing unique shading solutions from his home in Charleston, SC around 2011. Geiger sought to eliminate unsightly screws and wiring which are traditionally required as part of automated shading system installations. In 2012, Geiger began actively marketing his radically minimalist R Series brackets and custom-manufactured shades. The company has since released other fascia-free shading systems (D Series and P Series) to give consumers even more modern window shading options.

J Geiger's flagship R Series system utilizes brackets that are milled from solid aluminum. This system can be mounted inside the window jamb for a low-profile look or floating as part of a curtain wall. The D Series system, which utilizes brackets milled from industrial strength Delrin, mimics the elegance of the R Series at a lower price point. The P Series is a patented pocket shading system that utilizes strategic gaps to eliminate visual discrepancies created by traditional ceiling pocket systems.

"Our premium products have become highly sought-after for both residential and commercial properties across the country thanks to their unique design, simple aesthetic, and our reputation for precise installation," said Geiger. "It's unfortunate that rather than investing the time, effort, and resources necessary to innovate their own products, Lutron has instead opted to poach our patented designs and intellectual property to try and remain competitive in a segment of the market that we've cornered. Their blatant infringement has left us no choice but to file this lawsuit to protect our patented designs as we continue to focus on providing our customers with the most innovative, highest-quality window shading solutions out there."

J Geiger Shading's patented designs and integrated approach to working with homeowners, architects, interior designers, and builders has enabled the company to grow from one to nine locations in the span of five years as well as form a manufacturing partnership with a leader in smart home integration. The company's leadership is looking forward to further growth and expansion in 2018.

About J Geiger Shading

J Geiger Shading is a leading designer, manufacturer, and installer of customized, technology-enabled window shading solutions for residential and commercial properties across the U.S. The company is renowned for its patented, fascia-free systems that are designed to accentuate architecture by concealing unsightly wires and screws. J Geiger Shading systems are compatible with other smart home technology and can be operated via remote, smart phone, or tablet.

J Geiger shades are manufactured in Charleston, SC where the company is headquartered. Flagship showrooms are located in New York and Los Angeles, with offices in Miami, Aspen, San Francisco, Seattle, Orange County (CA), and Houston. For more information, please visit www.jgeigershading.com, email info@j-geiger.com, or call 1.843.577.3855.

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