C Series Shading System

Obtain the look of our R Series Shading System at a fraction of the price. C Series, designed exclusively for commercial projects, features electroplated hardware with a brushed aluminum finish. As with R Series, wires and screws are concealed within the system, eliminating the need for valances, fascia, and ceiling pockets.

System Specs

System can be configured to accommodate unique architectural elements. Diameter of each shade roll matches bracket profile. When shades are mounted in series, the matching profiles form a clean, continuous line.

Mounting Options:

  • Jamb Brackets (C1 and C2) can be mounted inside the window casing for a low-profile look. Each bracket is just under 2.5”in diameter.

  • Floating Brackets (C3 and C4) can be mounted outside of the window casing (to wall or ceiling).

  • Coupler Brackets (C5) can be mounted between shade rolls to create a shade wall.

Hardware Specs:

  • Injection molded polycarbonate with electroplated brushed aluminum finish

Download Technical Specs

Power Options

Wired Motors

  • Wired motors can be integrated with building automation systems (Savant, Crestron, Lutron, Control 4, and more).

  • For buildings without a control system, wired motors can be linked to a keypad, remote, or app.

Battery Motors

  • Battery powered motors are rechargeable and can last more than a year on a single charge.

  • Battery life depends on shade size and frequency of use.

  • Batteries remain inside the shade tube while charging.

  • Battery motors can be controlled via remote or keypad.

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