A Better Way to Shade

James Geiger | Founder of J Geiger Shading

Window valances and fascia are widely accepted solutions for an unacceptable problem—unattractive shade hardware. At J Geiger, we've found a better way.

We got our start in 2011, when media system designer James Geiger began creating shading systems in his Charleston, SC home. In his quest to marry elegance with functionality, James designed a revolutionary shading system—a system with no visible wires or screws. James launched his first ad campaign to promote the radically minimalist R Series Shading System in 2012. Within a few short years, J Geiger shades were in some of the nation’s most exclusive homes and businesses.

Our patented hardware speaks for itself, but J Geiger craftsmanship doesn’t end there. We are a full-service provider, equipped to thoughtfully design, custom manufacture, and accurately install your shading system to ensure your expectations are met in exacting detail. Please take a moment to learn more about our unique two-part installation process and how our commitment to meticulous manufacturing specs produces a superior fit.